About Us

About Eyre & Smith

  • 1988


    Our company was established in 1988 with 2 partners, Cliff Eyre and Glenn Smith. Eyre & Smith began business in a small rented shed in Chifley Street, East Maitland.

  • 1994

    New Location

    The business soon outgrew itself and was relocated in October 1994 to our present location at Turton Road, Metford

  • 2000

    Change in ownership

    Cliff Eyre sadly passed away in March 2000, and the company ownership was transferred to Glenn Smith and Laurena Smith. As a mark of respect the trading name of Eyre & Smith was kept.

  • Current


    We currently employ eight staff.

Materials Handling

Due to the weight and nature of the products that are handled every day at Eyre & Smith, we have installed many labour saving devices in our 22mtr x 57mtr workshop. Having a roof height of 9mtrs, this has allowed us to install an 8 ton overhead travelling crane to move about larger items, such as track and link assemblies. The overhead crane is very useful for folding, loading and offloading track assemblies and can be operated by one employee. This task was once done by our Fowler Crane.

In addition to our overhead crane we have also installed four, wall mounted jib cranes that can handle any and all track work in Australia. Used mostly to load smaller jobs onto a range of welding equipment and transfer plates on and off the “Track Presses”.

We currently have two track presses operating in our workshop, they are:

1 x 200 ton WTC Track Press that can handle any track-link sizes up to  CAT D9L, D10 and Komatsu D375
1 x 300 ton OTC Track Press, specialising in CAT D11N/R, D10, and Komatsu D475
These track presses are used to dismantle and reassemble the tracks that come into our workshop for repair.

All our repair work is carried out to the strictest of safety and product specifications – this includes re-build welding, torque settings, pre-heating etc.

The Re-build Welding Process

At Eyre & Smith Re-Build Welding and Tracks, we specialise in re-building and hard-facing using sub-arc welding techniques of rollers and idlers as well as ‘no-track’ related products such as mill rollers for other fabrication shops.

We use some of the latest, most sophisticated equipment and offer a combined 60+ years of experienced staff.  20 years of trial and error have enabled Eyre & Smith to produce some of the best hard-facing results ever seen in today’s undercarriage industries.

The range of automatic welding equipment in our workshop consists of some of the following Straight-line automatic sub-arc with attachments that can rotate jobs up to 2 ton (cutting and/or welding)

Sub-arc cutting and automatic welding of jobs up to 500kg

Sub-arc cutting and automatic welding of jobs up to 1.5 ton

Automatic twin sub-arc oscillating capable of open arc welding and cutting

Automatic positioner, rotator sub-arc welder for jobs up to 3 ton and 3 metres in diameter

Range of sub-arc welding equipment including straight-line and automatic oscillating heads

Pre-heating to product and material specification is undertaken by the use of either LPG burners (torches) or our 2 cubic metre (2^3) heating oven where pre and post heating can be achieved up to 400 degrees C.