Plates are a combination of either shoes and/or shoes with grousers.

There are many different plate combinations available for a variety of applications and machine sizes. Plates that are used for bitumen road surfaces understandably do not have grousers fitted but plates used for most other applications do.

The width of the plate and the size or number of grousers fitted depends entirely on the surface on which the machine is operating.  For example, a machine working on levelling a block for a residential building may not wish to excessively tear up the ground and would be fitted with several low profile grousers, whereas a machine working in an open-cut mine or preparing ground for a highway, ripping through sandstone rock would opt for less grousers with a higher profile.

Also the condition of the surface on which the machine is operating such as soft soil or hard compacted ground will also determine the width of the plates that need to be used.

Specialising in all Dozer, Excavator, Mini-Excavator and Skid Steer Plates

Eyre & Smith's Rebuilding Technique:

At Eyre & Smith we use the latest sub-arc welding technique to re-bar the grousers on the plates, thus ensuring a clean, uniform weld for each plate with maximum weld strengths and durability using “Metisa” grouser bars.