Rollers are available in two basic designs, single flanged (SF) and double flanged (DF).

Each Roller is a compilation of the:

  • Roller Shell
  • Bush
  • Shaft
  • Seals
  • “O” rings and Lubrication
  • Roller stock

Specialising in all Dozer, Excavator, Mini-Excavator and Skid Steer Rollers

At Eyre & Smith, we carry a large range of rollers to suit every type of machine.

Because rollers wear down with extended use, we also re-build them using our dual oscillating sub-arc welding technique. Experience has taught us that longitudinal welding is not recommended as being the best method to re-build rollers, as this method allows for cracking between the beads of weld.  We have installed a special dual oscillating sub-arc welder that will literally weld both sides simultaneously thus reducing the “stress” of welding.